Friday, 29 April 2011

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Daylesford Country Retreat

Autumn is my favorite time of the year with such stunning colors from trees changing colors,  beautiful scenes abound, mist laying in the valleys in the morning and then usually clearing into bright sunny days.

There is so much to see and discover in our region and all within 20 minutes of The Farmhouse and Amy's doorstep (if you want to leave).
I hope to share with you some of the wonderful upcoming events and also some inside information on what not to miss, where the best coffee&cake can be found, festivals, farmers markets, day spas and much more........

Original one bedroom stone cottage, exposed stone walls and timber lined ceilings.
King size bed, an open fireplace and rustic bathroom with claw foot bath makes Amy's the perfect Adults only Retreat.
Laze on the veranda and enjoy the peaceful country views. If you're feeling energetic walk the country lanes, visit the Jim Crow Creek and then head back to the Hot Tub for a soak.

Like many others, I have a love of the outdoors, wide open spaces,
frosty morning walks, gardening and digging in my Kitchen Garden.
At days end soaking in the bath and eating in front of the open-fire is pure bliss!!   Did I mention maybe a glass or two!
For a true country experience (no outside loo and we promise not to make you chop your own wood), you are always welcome to come and visit us here and enjoy the little hamlet of Clydesdale.

The Gardens at both Amy's and The Farmhouse have come together as they did in earlier times. Cuttings from neighbors, gifts from friends, bulbs and seedlings exchanged for chook and cow manure.
Local school fetes, Church trading tables and road side stalls have
produced some great finds.
Local rock (plenty of that just try to plant a tree) and gravel have been used for edging and paths, there's no lawn as water's too precious for that! Despite recent rains sustainability is still a key feature, plants are chosen to survive but more on that later.

The Farmhouse.    A place to catch your breath, relax, unwind and enjoy country life!

With three bedrooms and large farmhouse kitchen The Farmhouse is suitable for all, children especially love to feed the chooks and miniture horses Charlie, Matilda and Oscar.

All Country Farms have a Kitchen Garden, at Amy's Cottage and The Farmhouse you will find a wonderful selection of garden beds full of vegetables at different stages of growth, with something always ready to be picked and cooked for your enjoyment.
 At The Farmhouse beautiful old walnut, pear and apple trees still produce healthy yields and new fruit trees have been added to the orchard, varieties of peach,pear,apple and plums, also mulberry,cherry, and apricot  trees.
With our Mediterranean climate olives do extremely well, this week its time to pick some green olives and try a new recipe sent from a friend, Cracked Olives. I like the look of this recipe as it doesn't require  the soaking and rinsing method which can be time consuming!

Cracked Olives
5 kg Green Olives ( best when turning dark green to light green)
1 litre White vinegar. ½ litre Good Olive Oil
250grm Salt 2 litres Water

*Crack Olives by placing on wooden board and using a firm object to crack open
and remove pip. Place in clean jars.

*mix salt with some of the water to dissolve it.
*Stir all well together and pour on top of the olives (cracked and in clean jars)
*On top of jars use green aniseed stalks to hold down olives under liquid.
*Top with a little extra olive oil.

Cracked olives take around 2-3 weeks before being ready to eat
Whole olives take around 4-5 weeks