Thursday, 15 December 2011

Guests Comments

We love reading the comments left by our guests especially the ones from children, thought you may like to read some too. (Spelling has not  been changed.)

"Thank you for a wounderful stay at the farmhouse.This place is like a story book,like Kirren island from Enid Blyton. This place is amazing and i want to live here! We will be guaranteed to come back"
from Nadia.

"This is the best Farmhouse i have ever been too! Thankyou for making this so beautiful, Anyway thankyou! Well Done! Your the best!"
from Holly.

"Our stay is fantastic i loved the whole place"            from Levi

This the best farmhouse i have been to. I picked some onion and lettuce they were beautiful"
from Ella.

"Oscar,Charlie and Matilda are just wonderful. Thankyou for our fantastic stay we loved it."
from Eden.

"I cant explain how amazing this farmhouse is"
from  Emilee.